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Intel® System Management Software is a set of management applications for Intel® Server Products that let you view and control hardware (servers, desktops, and laptops) and software (operating systems, applications, and patches) across your network. Small and midsize business (SMBs) face complex IT challenges similar to those of large enterprises, but often without the large budget or staff of IT specialists. Now businesses can simply, smartly, and scalably manage their server hardware with applications and embedded server management tools.

Key Features

  • Predictive Failure Analysis and alerting
  • View sensor and system event logs
  • Hardware asset inventory and health reporting
  • Remote power on/off/reboot
  • Supports Windows* and Linux* environments
  • Web-based interface (accessible from anywhere with only a browser)

Intel® System Management Software: Application

Intel® Active System Console

Built specifically for small businesses, Intel Active System Console is a lightweight console that gives you basic server monitoring capabilities, including server health and an integrated baseboard management controller (Integrated BMC) configuration.

  • See overall server status on one screen
  • Manage server power consumption
  • Get e-mail alerts

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Intel® SNMP Subagent

Intel® SNMP Subagent integrates with third-party enterprise management consoles that support SNMP so you can get server hardware information and monitor server health status.

  • Supports get/set SNMP calls with management information base (MIB) included
  • Sends SNMP traps when thresholds are crossed
  • Support for both Windows and Linux
  • Supports SNMP v1/v3

White Paper: Remote management using Intel® SNMP Subagent

User guide

Release Notes for Microsoft Windows* & Linux*

Intel® System Management Software: Embedded

Integrated BMC

Full IPMI 2.0 stack is available for comprehensive remote (out-of-band) or local (in-band) management.

  • Monitors more than 100 sensors on most Intel® Server Boards
  • Power and thermal management
  • Enhanced reliability: Will reboot itself if firmware crashes for any reason
  • Always running even if the operating system is not as long as the power to system is present


Integrated BMC Web Console

Embedded Web Console is available without the requirements for any agents and is always accessible regardless of the state of the operating system.

  • View the sensors, event log, and asset inventory of the system
  • Retrieve and download the diagnostics log, containing important information about system crashes
  • Launch KVM and media redirection Intel® Remote Management Module required
  • Configure e-mail or SNMP alerting as well as other settings
  • Customization kit available

Product Specifications

Features Intel® Active System Console Intel® SNMP Subagent Integrated BMC Integrated BMC web console
Install requirements Application: Requires agent install on top of operating system Embedded: Nothing to install and always running
Server environment Small business, mid-market: One to ten servers Enterprise and cloud Enterprise and cloud All
User interface Web-based: Walkup and remote Integrates into SNMP-aware enterprise tools None: Enables IPMI 2.0 connection None: Enables IPMI 2.0 connection
Operating system support Windows*, Linux* Windows*, Linux* Firmware: All Firmware: All
Network configuration Uses existing operating system network Uses existing operating system network Requires additional network configured by BIOS or utilities Requires additional network configured by BIOS or utilities
Single, easy-to-use console Yes No No
View operating system and BIOS information Yes No Limited BIOS only Limited BIOS only
Hardware predictive failure analysis Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sensor readings Yes Yes Yes Yes

Hardware event log

Yes No Yes Yes
Alerting Yes (e-mail and SNMP) Yes (e-mail and SNMP) Yes (e-mail and SNMP) Yes (e-mail and SNMP)
Reporting Yes No No Yes
BMC configuration Yes No Yes Yes
Power management Yes No Yes Yes
Remote management Yes: If operating system is up Yes: If operating system is up Yes Yes
Remote power on/off/reboot No Yes: If operating system is up Yes Yes
Serial over LAN (console redirection) No No Yes No
OEM customization Yes No No Yes