Interactive, In-Store Digital Signage Rewards Participation


Today’s digital signage is not interactive, and as a result, retailers and brands are forgoing a powerful opportunity to more fully engage consumers and increase advertising effectiveness. Now, at the push of an app on their mobile phones, consumers can interact seamlessly with in-store digital signs and earn digital currency redeemable at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal, using “mobile wallet” technology.


Using the ACTV8me* solution from ACTV8, retailers and brands can create interactive, in-store digital signage that rewards consumers for their participation. No additional hardware, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth* is needed. Moreover, the interactions between consumers and digital signs can be personalized based on the analytics data generated by the Intel® Retail Client Manager.


  • Increase product sales in measurable ways using analytics
  • Create new and meaningful relationships with consumers
  • Validate the ROI for every marketing campaign running on digital signs


Two women in a cafe using a laptop

Shop Anywhere: In-depth

Use an app to purchase items from TV shows and get promotions

See how the ACTV8me* app synchronizes with TV shows and commercials with online shopping. Using Intel® Retail Client Manager, you can personalize the items offered through digital signage with the customer.

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