Bringing Retail to the People

Retail as a service delights customers and turns small boutiques into mini retail labs.

Megan Berry was earning her MBA in St. Louis when she had an idea for a small business. A six-feet-by-six-feet business, to be exact. While the physical dimensions of Berry’s business may be small, her idea is a big one, and the potential it has to help brick-and-mortar retailers compete in the digital era is huge.

"Popup shops offer a fully immersive opportunity for customers and a very personalized way to buy."

- Megan Berry
Founder, by REVEAL

By reveal's bottom-line results have been impressive. In some instances, the tiny boutique has generated an astonishing $6000 per square foot.

"This generation of innovators is really focused on creating compelling and enjoyable experiences that provide the customer with real value."

- Joel Tower
Executive Dean,
Parsons School of Design

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