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Fast-changing markets. More agile and unexpected competitors. Customers who are more informed and technically savvy. From retailers to restaurants, hospitals to hotels, it’s a new environment for every business today.

That’s why smart businesses are investing in a new generation of intelligent systems—point of sale, digital signage, content management, storage, transaction security, and more—designed to make them smarter, more connected, and more customer-focused.

Why Intel?

Intel®-based platforms for today’s new intelligent systems deliver immediate benefits to you and your customers.

  • The performance, reliability, and investment protection that comes from more than 30 years of Intel® architecture
  • New levels of interactivity, graphics, and networking through the power of Intel® multiprocessor, multicore platforms
  • Reliability and uptime through Intel® remote diagnosis and maintenance capabilities
  • Protection against malware and cyber attacks through innovative solutions from McAfee, the global leader in enterprise security

Intel® Technology Provider

Intel has built up a wealth of information and a vast network of solution providers for the Internet of Things. In addition, IoT partners can receive special benefits by participating actively in resources available through Intel® Technology Provider. Leverage these specialty benefits made available for retail solution providers with capabilities in fixed/mobile point-of-sale, digital signage, content management and more.

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Retail Technology: Today and Tomorrow

Engage with consumers, measure ROI, and gain a competitive advantage with the latest Intel®-based technology.