Mobile Point of Sale Devices Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Anyone with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection has the ability to easily set-up a mobile point of sale device to extend their sales ecosystem anywhere they need it.

Restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, banks, and other retailers are deploying mobile point of sale (mPOS) devices to increase efficiency and improve customer service. Gone are the days, or even weeks, once needed to set-up and test a hard-wired cash register or terminal. Tablet-based mPOS devices can be quickly and securely enabled — on-demand.

“Consumers expect seamless retail interactions with immersive engagement, high levels of service, and personal recognition,” says Alec Gefrides, general manager of the Retail Solutions Division, Intel Internet of Things Group. “Intel® processor-based tablets for mobile point of sale deliver a strong ecosystem of devices that free wait staff and sales associates from a fixed location, enabling them to become brand ambassadors, delivering more personal service to customers.”

Aava, one of the leading manufacturers of mPOS devices, provides white label mobile check-out solutions that are currently in use worldwide. One of its customers, Agilysys, works with Native American casinos and entertainment venues across the United States.

At many casinos, in the pre-mobile days, anyone who wanted a drink or a bite to eat had to interrupt their game, and order at the bar. But now, tablets enable wait staff to take orders and process payments right at the gaming table.

The result is increased spending and enhanced customer satisfaction because employees are more available to serve guests.

Piotr Frasunkiewicz, CMO and co-founder of Aava.

Agilysys is using Aava’s Inari 8 tablet, which runs the Windows* operating system powered by Intel x86 microprocessors. The handheld device is integrated with a payment solution that is ideal for remote order management. The combination of direct communication with the bar and service at gaming tables helps to expedite both ordering and payment.

“Hospitality providers — especially restaurants, casinos, and hotels — are the front-runners when it comes to big mobility deployments,” says Piotr Frasunkiewicz, CMO and co-founder of Aava. “The result is increased spending and enhanced customer satisfaction because employees are more available to serve guests.”

Casinos aren’t alone in realizing the value of mPOS devices. Frasunkiewicz says tablets are increasingly being used to facilitate “pop-up” payment stations at entertainment venues and hotels.

In addition to facilitating faster checkout and better service, mPOS devices can provide operational savings. For example, using tablets for orders and payments can reduce the time needed to reconcile inventory after an event. “By deploying tablets instead of using paper and fixed cash registers, event organizers not only grow revenue, but also increase efficiency,” says Frasunkiewicz.

Moreover, Frasunkiewicz says, with better employee productivity and lower costs, the payback time for some mPOS systems can be as fast as six months.

The security and reliability of mobile technology and payment solutions is fueling the use of mPOS devices. Purpose-built Intel® processor-based mobile checkout devices are designed to optimize PCI compliance, wireless coverage, and software compatibility.

“It is important to use a mobile point of sale device with secure remote management, enterprise-grade wireless capabilities, point-to-point encrypted payments and, of course, PCI application support,” says Intel’s Gefrides. “But, remember, PCI compliance must be part of a total end-to-end approach for security that includes hardware-level security protection.”

Deploying a mPOS system requires careful planning and secure network integration. But the upside is increased operational flexibility, better inventory management, and improved employee efficiency. Moreover, mPOS devices can enhance customer experiences, from faster ordering and checkout to more engagement and personalized interactions. Ultimately, those benefits can help hospitality companies improve their margins.

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