Elevate the Luxury Fashion Shopping Experience


Luxury fashion brands know their customers want to feel special and experience something that sets them apart. Amaze customers with a unique fitting room mirror that allows them to solicit real‐time feedback about the apparel they’re trying on, and review their previous “try‐ons” at the mirror itself or remotely via a smartphone or tablet.


Fashion brands can stay connected with your most valuable customers—offline, online, and mobile—with MemoryMirror* from MemoMi, which captures and augments the experience of trying on and buying fashion apparel. It is a full body mirror that can boost sales, loyalty, and conversion rates for fashion retailers by personalizing the shopping experience and turning anonymous store visitors into recognized, valued customers.


  • Increase sales and break down current retail boundaries
  • Allow shoppers to take their in-store experience with them
  • Convert otherwise anonymous, in‐store visitors into “connected customers”

MemoryMirror*: In-depth

Digitally compare new outfits in-store

The MemoryMirror*, a digital fitting room mirror from MemoMi, helps boost sales and customer loyalty by augmenting the experience of trying on and buying fashion apparel. Customers can compare garments, see 360-degree views, and virtually see changes.

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