The New World of Video Surveillance


For decades, keeping an eye on operations has essentially remained the same. But the rapid emergence and accessibility of IP-based, high-definition video cameras has paved the way for next-generation Intel® Digital Security Surveillance (Intel® DSS) systems. What used to require personnel spending hours monitoring and combing over grainy footage from secured closed-circuit cameras can instead be handled by an Intel DSS system that analyzes thousands of data points per second.


From big retailers requiring dozens, or even hundreds, of cameras to smaller operations with only a few, Intel DSS solutions open up a wide range of opportunities that go well beyond security. The combination of high-definition digital video, low-cost storage, and sophisticated analytics applications means IP-based cameras can now be multipurposed to deliver in-depth information that can be used to enhance and optimize business processes.


  • Enhanced consumer insights that create new value – The transition to digital video systems puts a whole host of actionable business analytics within any retailer's reach, from how consumers navigate the sales floor to wait times in the point-of-sale queue. A sampling of video analytics solutions optimized for Intel® architecture includes offerings from LightHaus Visual Customer Intelligence (Lighthaus VCI), 3VR, Agent Vi, and Prism Skylabs.
  • Security that works smarter – Retailers in North America experience approximately USD 45 billion in product shrinkage each year from shoplifting, employee theft, and organized criminal efforts.1 IP-based video security enables retailers to identify suspicious or illegal behavior in aisles, product areas, the point of sale, and other locations. And digital video can be synched to transaction data to pinpoint fraudulent activity.
  • Customized, automated monitoring – Because the footage is digital, video analytics software can be used to automatically scan footage and identify trigger events—such as a potential shoplifter sweeping a shelf or someone breaching a secured area—and immediately send an alert. This increases responsiveness while reducing reliance on the personnel needed to manually scan masses of video footage.
  • The power to monitor from anywhere – Video captured with the latest Intel DSS solutions can stream over the network to any Internet-connected device. This allows authorized users to view live or recorded footage at any time, and from virtually anywhere. Intel DSS systems feature built-in video support that facilitates transmission using minimal bandwidth, so servers don't get bogged down with feeds from dozens of cameras.
  • Reliability, stability, and control – Intel DSS systems combine hardware-based security technologies with Intel security software solutions. This allows systems to off-load and accelerate data encryption and block malware by whitelisting acceptable applications. Moreover, it gives users real-time visibility into system health, reducing the need for costly technician calls and less downtime.
  • Remote management – Keeping more cameras up and running doesn't need to mean more work. Intel DSS solutions based on the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family enable easy content coordination across multiple devices, while Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) provides the tools to diagnose, repair, and manage entire Intel DSS infrastructures remotely.

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Security with Intel DSS: In-depth

Smarter solutions for video surveillance

With Intel® Digital Security Surveillance (Intel® DSS) solutions, businesses such as offices, medical clinics, retailers, and restaurants can help prevent losses, increase safety, and enhance business performance.

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1Global Retail Theft Barometer.