Reach Shoppers at the Right Moment in the Customer Journey

Create consistent and powerful customer experiences with Intel technologies and solutions.

The advent of the internet has dramatically changed the ways consumers travel the path to a sale. Seventy-three percent of shoppers start their research online, though 93 percent continue to purchase in-store. Leading retailers are responding by creating multi-channel and touchpoint-focused customer experiences that integrate static, dynamic, and interactive content to engage the shopper at the right points in the shopper journey. 

Transforming the digital experience requires a two-front approach. First, retailers need to gather and integrate static, dynamic, and interactive content from multiple sources. This content is then displayed across touchpoints, powered by 360-degree analytics that give insight into shopper behaviors. Second, retailers deploy personalized, optimized digital experiences that respond to the wants and needs of shoppers. These experiences are designed to take place both in- and out-of-store via a range of devices and services, including digital signs, kiosks, media walls, POS devices, and more. The development of these capabilities help retailers strengthen their digital brands so they can engage at every touchpoint and increase conversions.

According to leading research, consumers that engage with multiple channels purchase 30 percent more than single-channel shoppers. Brands that reach consumers when they are most open to influence have a high likelihood of converting digitally empowered consumers into purchasers. But they must first understand their shoppers. Intel is a leader in developing and deploying transformative technologies targeted to specific industries. Together with leading ecosystem partners, we provide trusted options from endpoints through to the data center that deliver performance, security, and manageability, with the end goal of hitting consumers with quality information that leads to conversion. 

Above all, customers demand a consistent brand experience. With Intel platforms engineered to deliver highly secure and reliable synchronization of dynamic, static, and streaming content, they work together with powerful analytics software to deliver 360-degree customer insights from a range of data sources. Intel powered digital signage solutions offer next-generation customized in-store experiences, while Intel server and data center technologies give the compute and storage solutions necessary to keep up with the demands of big data and analytics. All in all, Intel is your partner for retail technology and marketing success. 

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