The Future Knows What Your Customers Want Before They Ever Start Shopping

Put data to work to transform retail and the way that customers shop.

Family Business Finds Efficiencies with Intel vPro® Platform

Brothers Josh and Austin Ruggiero streamlined the management of their multi-store POS system by switching to the Intel vPro® platform with AMT.

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The Retail Revolution

Technology is transforming retail by connecting the personalized experience of the past with the savvy customers of the future. Through advances in customer analytics and insights, Intel enables richer customer experiences, intelligent supply chain management, and more.

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Intelligent Retail, Powered by Intel

Vision and deep learning capabilities from Intel extend AI to the device and gateway level, giving retailers the ability to recognize loyal customers in the store, “see” inventory on shelves, or perform other intelligent tasks.

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Digital Natives Demand Smart Stores

Retailers look to a new generation of technology to stay a step ahead of e-commerce sites.

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Why the Internet of Things Is What Retail Needs Now

Intel® technology empowers IoT used for real-time, intelligent CRM.

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Advanced POS: Forging Retail's Future

Intel® technology enables POS solutions to help retailers see more conversions and gain deeper insights.

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Getting a Grip on Inventory with Artificial Intelligence

Intel® technology helps retailers keep shelves stocked with what customers want when they want it.

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Responsive Retail

Shopping Made Smarter

Technology has the power to connect data to physical goods like never before, bringing responsive retail and IoT to the connected shoppers of the future. Learn how to capture and use data at the device level to view actionable insights in real time, and securely send data to the cloud for extensive analytics.

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Unified Commerce

One-Stop Shopping

Connected retail has the power to create amazing, frictionless customer experiences – meeting customer needs every time, everywhere, and in every way they choose to engage. Understand how Intel’s unified commerce solutions can work for any business.

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The Business of the Future Runs on Intel

See how technology is ushering in a new era of business, driving innovation that will help industries become smarter, more efficient, and more connected than ever.

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Personalized Healthcare Is Here

Understand how Intel® technology is using data and patient DNA to combat disease, tailor treatment, and create more collaborative care between health professionals and patients.

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Retail Solutions That Engage Shoppers and Boost Profitability

Most retailers are sitting on mountains of data that, in a perfect world, they would use to proactively address evolving customer demands. Now they can transform business by getting intelligence where it’s needed most. Intel® IoT Market Ready Solutions (Intel® IMRS) allow these businesses to extract the right insights, in the right place, at the right time—helping them achieve their full potential. The end result: Greater efficiency, reduced complexity, increased sales, and a more personalized customer experience.

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