The Retailers' Guide: Investigate

Give customers a reason to shop in-store by surpassing the online experience with more relevant product information, interactive self-service stations, and expert insights from sales associates—delivering an immersive brand experience.

Facilitate Purchase Decision Making

Interactive Visual Displays: Large-scale discount and warehouse retailers provide consumers with an extremely wide choice of products – too numerous to have on the showroom floor.

Overcoming this limitation, large-format, interactive visual displays are the next best thing to having an item in front of you. Customers see the store’s entire product portfolio, enabling them to make informed product comparisons.

Consultative Sales Assistants: Empowered by “always-on” Internet connections and informed by the opinions of others, many consumers believe they are more knowledgeable than sales associates and would rather be left alone.

To solve this challenge, retailers equip sales assistants with mobile computers loaded with helpful, up-to-date product information, an ideal tool for consultative selling.

Data Mining: The value of big data is the ability to unlock insights into what drives customer behavior and buying habits. To stay ahead of the curve, retailers need a platform that runs advanced data analytics on a mix of data types, thereby allowing retailers to gain greater understanding of customer preferences and influencers.

Moving forward, big data will drive higher revenue and create a competitive advantage for retailers who successfully turn this information into personalized shopping experiences.

Faultless Customer Service: Brick-and-mortar retailers are merging their physical and virtual channels to deliver a better, holistic shopping experience. In some cases, this necessitates paying special attention to their online presence and making sure their web site performance meets customer expectations. Make sure your web site is running on a scalable platform that allows you to take on more customers without compromising service quality or uptime.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Provide customers an expanded portfolio of products
  • Build trust and credibility with customers
  • Get a better understanding of customer buying patterns
  • Deliver an exceptional online experience

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Retail solutions for personalized in-store shopping experiences help build customer loyalty across the entire shopping journey, while increasing brand awareness, boosting productivity, and reducing operating expenses.

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Big data will drive higher revenue and create a competitive advantage for retailers who successfully turn this information into personalized shopping experiences.

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