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Draw attention to products using catalysts, like mobile deals, phone apps, or special programs, when customers are perusing store shelves—encouraging them to consider a wider range of products.

Showcase Your Product Offerings

Customized Mobile Deals: Going mobile can set a retailer apart, and help keep customers engaged and devoted. To move in this direction, retailers can deploy self-service offer centers that allow customers to receive deals on their mobile phones and then redeem them wirelessly at the point-of-sale (POS) terminal.

Product Introduction Station: Enabling retailers to better educate customers about new products, product instruction stations step through product features and benefits, and provide quick answers to complex questions. They bring the convenience of online retail inside the store while learning which models have the greatest appeal to consumers, information that can be used to better control inventory levels and make product forecasts.

Multi-Sense Experiences: Brand engagement begins with telling a story to customers, which can be done by presenting entertaining and educational content on a touch-enabled digital sign.

Personalized Product Information: Everyone carries around a lot of data on their cell phones, from the locations they visited to what they like best, as expressed with social media. Data about personal likes and buying habits is valuable when directing advertising and other information to individual consumers, made possible with the intelligent mobile advertising solution.

The solution selects which ads to show individual customers after coalescing data from their mobile phones, web browsing, and social media interactions, thereby dramatically improving the relevancy of advertisements.

Retailer Benefits:

  • Increase retention of existing customers
  • Get customers to try new products
  • Use technology to keep customers coming back
  • Offer customers something they truly want

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Retail solutions for personalized in-store shopping experiences help build customer loyalty across the entire shopping journey, while increasing brand awareness, boosting productivity, and reducing operating expenses.

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The digital destination solution analyzes the responses, generating data and statistics that are used to learn what the next generation of customers wants.

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