Micro-Fulfillment Centers: Next-Gen Retail Automation

Intel® technologies power new paradigms in efficient retail fulfillment—from order processing through order picking, packaging, and delivery.

A micro-fulfillment center combines automated order-picking, packaging, and shipping in either a stand-alone facility or as part of an existing brick-and-mortar retail outlet. Taking advantage of a cloud-to-edge infrastructure and the AI and analytics capabilities of powerful servers, micro-fulfillment centers provide a fast and cost-effective way to deliver a great ordering and delivery experience to local retail customers. From robotic order-gathering…to automated bagging and packaging…to flexible, same-day pickup and delivery, micro-fulfillment centers are a key strategic tool for today’s retailers.

Micro-fulfillment center deliver capabilities companies need to thrive in today’s ultra-competitive retail environment. Retailers can leverage space in existing facilities to increase online order fulfillment efficiency, provide customers a variety of product delivery options, and differentiate themselves from their competitors. The power and capabilities of Intel® servers mean retailers can take advantage of advanced AI and analytics to improve product flow, accelerate delivery, and enable a better overall experience for customers.