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Intel Resale Corporation is a subsidiary of Intel Corporation, not a broker. We have a wide range of high quality equipment for resale in our global inventory. Please view the inventory listed below for a partial list of the assets we now have for sale. 

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Fab Semiconductor Equipment


Available Inventory

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NOTE:  All sales by Intel Resale Corporation or its parent or affiliates (hereinafter “Seller”) are subject to the terms and conditions in the applicable Seller written sales contract.  Seller accepts offers in its sole discretion. Information provided by Seller is not an offer, but rather a solicitation for an offer.  Any offer you may make will be deemed accepted only upon execution of the applicable Seller written sales contract.  Seller reserves the right to accept or reject any offer for any reason (i.e., Seller is not obligated to sell at the highest offered price, should Seller choose not to).  Any differing terms you may communicate to Seller (e.g., accompanying a purchase order or similar document) are rejected and will not become part of any transaction with Seller.