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Intel's Manufacturing Quality Process

Intel’s manufacturing organization encompasses wafer fabrication, assembly, high-volume testing, boards manufacturing, and outsourcing. Leading-edge practices such as design for manufacturability (DFM), process control systems (PCS), product identification and traceability, and Copy Exactly! are some of the ways that Intel is advancing semiconductor manufacturing.

Factory overview and process monitors


  • Factory overview and certification
    Intel's manufacturing organization encompasses wafer fabrication, assembly, high-volume testing, board manufacturing, and outsourcing. Learn more about quality and reliability roles and responsibilities at our manufacturing sites.
  • Environmental citizenship
    Intel has long focused on design for the environment and improving its environmental performance. Learn more about how this focus is now expanding to components used in semiconductor manufacturing.
  • Control of nonconforming product
    A corporate specification governs the review and disposition of questionable or discrepant nonconforming product across Intel, including wafer fabrication plants, assembly and test sites, distribution centers, and business divisions. Learn more about Intel's process for the control and disposition of nonconforming material.

Leading-edge practices


  • Design for manufacturability
    Leading-edge technologies such as design for manufacturability allow Intel to set ever-higher standards and expectations for our quality and reliability systems. Learn more about design for manufacturability and how it impacts product design.
  • Product identification and unit-level traceability
    Intel employs systems to manage product identification, with unit-level traceability for CPUs and chipsets and lot-level traceability for boards and systems. A record retention system is used to manage and store this information. Learn more about our product identification and unit-level traceability capability.
  • Copy Exactly!
    Copy Exactly! enables delivery of product from multiple production sites, which operate as virtual factories that perform consistently and are independent of the manufacturing source site. Learn more about how Intel implements this leading-edge process technology.