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Analysis Capabilities

Parametric fault isolation

Parametric fault isolation (FI) is used to analyze the electrical behavior of input/output (I/O) circuitry

The first step in the analysis is to reproduce the behavior, such as reported shorts, opens, voltage, or current levels under lab conditions using a parametric test bench or special FI testers. Depending on the electrical behavior captured through the use of a Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer (SPA), the analysis flow includes non-destructive techniques such as X-ray, TDR, and IREM to localize the defect before proceeding to physical analysis. If needed, the analysis is complemented by electrical probing and also includes photon emission and probing analysis tools.

Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer (SPA)

Platform validation

The Semiconductor Parametric Analyzer is a tool that allows the capture and analysis of parametric data from electronic components. Two or more channels can be used to measure the I/V characteristics under DC conditions. Available measurements include saturation curves, resistances of metal lines, or contact resistances.