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Manufacturing Process

Copy exactly!

Fabrication (Fab), sort, and assembly test facilities follow a Copy Exactly! (CE!) philosophy. Copy Exactly! enables delivery of product from multiple production sites, which operate as a virtual factory that performs consistently and independent of the manufacturing source site. Additional benefits include faster production ramps that improve product availability and improved consistency to quality performance.

The Copy Exactly! process

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The Copy Exactly! methodology focuses on matching the manufacturing site to the development site. Matching occurs at all levels for physical inputs and statistically-matched responses (outputs). This process enables continuous matching over time by using coordinated changes, audits, process control systems, and joint Fab management structures.

Physical inputs such as equipment configuration, chemical purity, facilities, and equipment hookups derive from the same specifications. In-line processes or equipment monitors that predict product performance, yield, or reliability must match at all levels.

Log (Die Yield)

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Early in the transfer, process technology development (process TD) selects process and product parameters for statistical control and documents detailed control plans. Process TD continues working with the factory location to achieve process control and yield targets in high volume manufacturing. Throughout the transfer, factory personnel are responsible for quality and statistical control of all key parameters.

Once matched, changes are coordinated through joint engineering teams. Intel performs cross-site audits of equipment configuration and in-line process and equipment monitor results using a common process control system. Fabs execute high-level tactical and strategic changes under the auspices of the joint engineering and strategic management structure. As each factory begins to build a new technology, it starts at the same yield and improves at the same rate as the other factories.