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Manufacturing Process

Design for manufacturability

Design for manufacturability (DFM) is a means of proactively addressing product issues early in the design cycle. DFM provides a means for integrating specific manufacturing concerns into a product's design to obtain a product that is easier to manufacture with excellent overall quality.

DFM advantages

Intel utilizes this system because:

  • It is a proactive system aimed at resolving issues early in the product development cycle.
  • Not all process/layout interactions can be covered or anticipated by design rules.
  • Manufacturability improvements are dynamic, and new learning is included as a technology evolves.
  • Late introduction of new design rules into an existing technology is difficult due to the critical mass of existing design collateral and a lengthy assessment and/or qualification process.

The diagram below illustrates how DFM guidelines from current technology may end up being design rules on the next technology:

Platform validation