Laboratory Exercises

We provide laboratory exercises for three types of courses. Use the filter below to select among digital logic, computer organization, and embedded systems.

As an aid for instructors, a complete solution for each lab exercise is available. Unformatted text versions of these exercises and the source files for the figures are also available. Professors and lecturers may request access to the solutions material by clicking the link below.

The following laboratory exercises cover basic concepts such as switches, lights, and multiplexers, as well as common building blocks like arithmetic circuits, latches, registers, counters, and finite state machines.

The following laboratory exercises cover concepts such as instruction set architecture, assembly-language code, memory-mapped I/O, subroutines, stacks, exceptions and interrupts, and the like.

The AI laboratory exercises cover the use of the Intel FPGA OpenCL SDK for accelerating artificial intelligence. The labs introduce topics in computer vision, autonomous driving, and machine learning.

For early access, download the beta versions of labs 1 through 5 here. Please provide feedback by emailing

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