Virtual Classrooms

Benefits of Virtual Classrooms

  • Attend traditional instructor-led training virtually from the comfort of your home or office
  • Get the value of highly regarded Intel® FPGA instructor-led training material without having to travel to a public class location
  • Interact with a live Intel FPGA expert instructor and get answers to your tough questions

What to Expect

  • The virtual classroom training content is identical to the instructor-led content of the same name
  • Questions are encouraged. Intel is limiting the class size to encourage interaction
  • There will be periodical breaks during the lecture allocated for hands-on lab exercises

Class Start and End Times

Most virtual classrooms are taught in sessions of 4.5 hours per day. Class days may be consecutive or may spread across multiple weeks. Please be sure to note the Start Date and End Date for each class. Start time is usually 9:00 AM Pacific Time and end time is usually 1:30 PM Pacific Time. Some virtual classroom start times are scheduled for a specific region and may not coincide with Pacific Time. After you click Register Now, be sure to read the web pages that follow and your confirmation email for the correct times.

Preparing for the Virtual Classroom

You will be sent the following instructions to complete prior to the training– instructions to:

  • Connect to the WebEx training session
  • Print the lab exercise instructions
  • (For most classes):  you will use WebEx Training Center with the Hands-On Lab feature, allowing you to work through the lab exercises on an already configured remote computer. A local installation of the Intel Quartus® Prime software or any other software is not required. 
  • (If the remote training center is not available): you will need to install software, obtain software licenses, and download training design files for your own local computer. Instructions will be provided if this is the case.


Audio will be delivered through a telephone conference call. We strongly recommend that you use a private room with a telephone headset or speaker phone and ensure your surroundings are quiet for the duration of the training. Muting and un-muting your phone line is acceptable; however, classes are intended to be interactive so when your phone line is open, please ensure that no background noises can be heard.


The price for a public virtual classroom is $695 per person for each traditional 1-day (8-hour) class. Alternatively, if your company has training credits you can use them just as you would for traditional instructor-led training (1 credit for each attendee for each traditional 1-day (8 hour) class).