SoC Bare-metal Programming and Hardware Libraries (OSOCBAREHWLIB)

28 Minutes Online Course

Course Description

This course discusses how to use the tools and features available in the Altera® SoC Embedded Design Suite to successfully develop a bare-metal application for Altera ARM®-based SoC devices. We will talk specifically about the compilers, tools, development flow, and the environment needed to implement a successful bare-metal application without an OS. We will go over the details of the Hardware Library which is an abstraction layer and associated function calls shipped with the SoC EDS that can be utilized to create low-level software quickly.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Used the tools in the SoC EDS to develop bare-metal programs
  • Utilize the features of the hardware libraries to develop low-level software
  • Understand the SoC EDS features available to debug a bare-metal application

Skills Required

  • Basic software development knowledge
  • Understanding of SoC Boot Flow


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Applicable Training Curriculum

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