Running OpenCL™ on Intel® FPGAs (OOPNCL300)

47 Minutes Online Course

Course Description

This course will cover the Intel® FPGA tools available to compile OpenCL™ C code into FPGA hardware. We will discuss the requirements of compiling OpenCL code, types of hardware generated with the tools, and the mechanisms to run OpenCL kernels on the FPGA while communicating with the host program running on a CPU. Lastly we’ll discuss various Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL productivity and performance optimization features.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Know the tools available in Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL
  • Compile OpenCL programs onto Intel FPGA hardware
  • Run the OpenCL kernels on the FPGA
  • Apply the various features of the Intel FPGA SDK including emulation, prototyping, profiling and others.

Skills Required

  • Basic understanding of the C programming language
  • Understanding of the OpenCL standards or “Writing OpenCL programs for Altera FPGAs” OLT

Applicable Training Curriculum

This course is part of the following Intel FPGA training curriculum:

Class Schedule

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