System Console (OEMB1117)

29 Minutes Online Course

Course Description

System Console is an interactive console for system-level debug of Qsys-based systems over JTAG, USB, and other types of connections. Based on Tcl, it has a simple set of commands for communicating with various parts of your Qsys system. This training covers System Console in the Quartus® Prime 16.1 software.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Identify when to use System Console
  • Understand the different types of services supported by System Console
  • Understand the basic flow when using a service provided by the System Console
  • Use the master, jtag_debug, monitor System Console services
  • Build custom GUIs using the System Console Toolkit
  • Know where to go for additional information and help with System Console

Skills Required

  • Familiarity with embedded systems
  • Familiarity with Qsys
  • Familiarity with TCL scripting


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