Introduction to the 10Gb Ethernet PHY Intel® FPGA IP Cores (O10GPHY)

35 Minutes Online Course

Course Description

This online course will instruct you in how to use Intel® FPGA solutions to build a 10Gb Ethernet design targeting Intel FPGA transceiver devices using the Intel Quartus® Prime software. In this course, you will learn how to use the XAUI, 10GBASE-R, 1G/10G, 10GBASE-KR and Multi-Rate PHY IP cores to implement the required PHY layer of your 10Gb Ethernet design.

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Describe the features and functionality of the following Ethernet PHY IP cores: XAUI, 10GBASE-R, 1G/10G, 10GBASE-KR and Multi-Rate

Skills Required

  • Understanding of the 10Gb Ethernet technology specifications
  • Familiarity with common high-speed transceiver architecture OR viewing the following course: Transceiver Basics
  • Familiarity with FPGA/CPLD design flow
  • Familiarity with the Intel Quartus Prime design software
  • Some familiarity with Platform Designer

Follow-on Courses

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