Optimizing OpenCL™ for Intel® FPGAs (16 Hours Course) (IOPNCL2102DAY)

16 Hours Instructor-Led / Virtual Class Course

Course Description

This course covers optimization techniques to implement a high performance OpenCL™ solution on FPGAs. We'll use various debug & analysis tools available in the Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL to boost performance of OpenCL kernels. The first half of the course focuses on the optimization of single work-item kernels & the utilization of Intel FPGA channels & OpenCL pipes. The second half of the course focuses on the optimization of ND range kernels & the effective utilization of various memory systems implemented by the Intel FPGA kernel compiler. Throughout the course we will discuss good OpenCL coding design practices for FPGAs & use Intel FPGA SDK for OpenCL features to improve OpenCL performance on FPGAs. *OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. used by permission of Khronos

At Course Completion

You will be able to:

  • Use debugging & optimization tools
  • Execute multiple OpenCL kernels in a task parallel fashion
  • Boost performance of single work-item kernels
  • Use single work-item kernels to implement parallel programming algorithms
  • Use Intel FPGA channels or OpenCL pipes to increase communication performance
  • Boost performance of NDRange kernels
  • Improve usage of memory architectures
  • Improve host-device communication efficiency
  • Use good OpenCL coding practices
  • Boost data processing efficiency

Skills Required

  • Attendance of the Introduction to OpenCL for Intel FPGAs or a good understanding of the OpenCL standards

Applicable Training Curriculum

This course is part of the following Intel FPGA training curriculum:

Class Schedule

No class is being offered at this time.