Jam STAPL Programming Support - ASSET InterTech Inc.

ASSET InterTech, Inc., provides IEEE Standard 1149.1 (JTAG) boundary-scan diagnostic hardware and software solutions to:

  • Debug and test integrated circuits, board-level products and systems
  • Perform in-system programming of programmable devices.

The company's product family, collectively known as ScanWorks, provides a set of powerful tools to access, manage, and manipulate boundary-scan paths, allowing ScanWorks tools to be used to program devices in simple or complex scan paths. ASSET tools have long been used to perform in-system programming of programmable devices such as programmable logic devices (PLDs), FPGAs, and Flash memories. ASSET's tools support in-system programmability (ISP) throughout a product's life cycle, from the design/debug process, through the manufacturing/assembly process, to system repair and reprogramming in the field.

ISP with IEEE 1532

ScanWorks supports ISP with the IEEE 1532 standard for in-system configuration of programmable devices. The IEEE 1532 standard was developed by a working group of experts from programmable logic vendors, the boundary-scan test industry and suppliers of in-circuit test systems. The mission of the group was “to define, document, and promote the use of a standardized process and methodology for implementing programming capabilities within programmable integrated circuit devices, utilizing (and compatible with) the IEEE Standard 1149.1 communication protocol….” IEEE 1532 allows the programming of one or more compliant devices concurrently, while mounted on a board or embedded in a system. Concurrent programming can result in significant programming time efficiencies. The in-system feature would address the need to configure or reconfigure, read back, verify or erase programmable devices after they have been installed by manufacturing process. This eliminates handling damage and the need for manufacturing steps and inventory management related to preprogramming devices.

ScanWorks In-System Programming

ScanWorks ISP features are implemented as ScanWorks Actions, just the same as JTAG test features, enabling test and programming to be done on the same test platforms and from the same application programs. ScanWorks ISP is supported with all ScanWorks hardware options, from the low-cost and convenient USB-100 to the high-throughput, multi-TAP PCI-400. ScanWorks ISP:

  • Supports Jam STAPL, Serial Vector Format Files (.svf), and the 1532 IEEE standard for in-system configuration of programmable devices
  • Allows programming of multiple vendors' devices from one user interface and one connection to the board
  • Provides a way to initialize the scan path and all boundary-scan devices for in-system programming
  • Verifies scan path integrity before programming
  • Uses programming files created by vendors' tools
  • Allows integration of ISP into test executive programs such as LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Test Stand HP VEE, or custom manufacturing user interfaces
  • Immediately supports new devices that can be programmed with Jam STAPL, Serial Vector Format Files, or IEEE Standard 1532

ISP in ScanWorks Stations

In-system programming with Jam STAPL and SVF is included with all ScanWorks Development Stations, Diagnostic and Repair Stations, and Programming Stations. IEEE Standard 1532 concurrent in-system configuration is an option with Development, Diagnostic and Repair, and Programming Stations. ISP support for all formats is provided at no additional cost on all ScanWorks Manufacturing Stations.

For more information, visit ASSET's web site at http://www.asset-intertech.com or contact ASSET InterTech, Inc. directly at:

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