Agilent ISP Support

Agilent, the world's leading supplier of testing and measurement products and services, offers the Agilent 3070 Series of board test systems for PCB testing. The Agilent 3070 Series of board test systems feature several innovations that reduce test costs and increase test effectiveness.

Whether you need unpowered process test, traditional in-circuit test, high-performance combinational test, or in-system programming of programmable logic devices (PLDs) on PCBs, the 3070 Series provides affordable entry points across a wide range of systems. The 3070 Series board test systems are designed to keep test costs low with high-quality, high-fault coverage tests, fast test throughput, reliable system hardware, and comprehensive programming.

Altera has developed advanced software to support Agilent automated test equipment (ATE) products. One software tool, the SVF2PCF, is fully supported by Agilent when used in conjunction with Altera's Quartus® II software. The SVF2PCF software generates an Agilent Pattern Capture Format File (.pcf) from a Serial Vector Format File (.svf) and enables all Altera® in-system programmability (ISP)-capable devices to be quickly programmed on all Agilent ATE products. You can download version 2.6 of the SVF2PCF software in .zip format from the Altera website or from the Altera ftp site ( at /pub/misc/ using an ftp program.

Note: The SVF2PCF utility does not support the Serial Vector Format File (.svf) conversion of FPGA devices.

Agilent's PLD ISP software product supports Jam Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL) Files (.jam), Jam Byte-Code Files (.jbc) and Serial Vector Format Files (.svf) directly. For details on the PLD ISP product, contact Agilent directly at