Göpel electronic ISP Support

Göpel electronic GmbH is a leading manufacturer of IEEE Standard 1149.1 boundary-scan test systems. Göpel electronic provides a wide range of boundary-scan products including hardware and software components for both low-cost and high-performance test systems compliant to IEEE 1149.1, 1149.4, 1149.6, and 1532 standards.

Göpel electronic products support all Altera® devices that implement IEEE 1149.1 resources and/or IEEE 1532 resources for test and in-system configuration. For in-system configuration Göpel electronic supports IEEE 1532, Jam, Jam Byte-Code (JBC), Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL), and Serial Vector Format (SVF).

For more information on Göpel electronic products, email the company at sales@goepel.com. or visit their web site at www.goepel.com.