Programming Tools

There are several programming tools available from Altera and third party vendors for use in programming Altera® configuration devices and CPLDs and in configuring Altera FPGAs. This page is a guide to complete information on the programming tools now available that support Altera devices.

Available Programming Tools

  • Altera Programming Tools
    These include Altera download cables, Altera Programming Unit (APU) and Altera programming software
  • In-Circuit Testers
    In-circuit testers used to program and verify CPLDs that support in-system programmability (ISP)
  • Boundary-Scan Tools
    Boundary-scan tools used to program and verify CPLDs that support ISP
  • Third Party Programmer
    Third-party programming hardware that supports programming Altera devices
  • IEEE 1532 Programming
    Altera ISP-based devices that support programming using the IEEE 1532 standard
  • Jam STAPL
    The Jam Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL) portable embedded tool used to program all CPLDs or configuration devices and to configure all FPGA devices that support IEEE Standard 1149.1