Active Serial Configuration

The Active Serial (AS) configuration scheme is supported in the 1 bit data width (AS x1) or the 4 bit data width (AS x4). The AS x4 scheme is supported only in Stratix® V devices. AS configuration can be performed using an Altera® serial configuration (EPCS) device or quad-serial configuration (EPCQ) device. During AS configuration, the Altera FPGA acts as the configuration master and the EPCS or EPCQ device acts as the configuration slave. The FPGA outputs the clock on the DCLK pin and receives the configuration data from the EPCS or EPCQ device on the data pin(s).

For more information, refer to the configuration chapter of the relevant Altera device in the Configuration Handbook.

Configuration Method

  • Using an EPCQ device
  • Using an EPCS device

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