Configuration Support Center

Configuration Schemes

Altera offers a wide range of configuration solutions to configure Altera® devices. Note that different Altera devices support different configuration schemes. For a summary of the configuration schemes supported by Altera FPGAs, refer to the Device Configuration Schemes web page.

For a comparison of the various configuration schemes, refer to the Configuration Comparison web page.

Configuration Features

Some Altera devices offer configuration data decompression to reduce configuration file storage, design security using data encryption to protect your designs, and remote system upgrades that allow you to update your FPGA designs remotely. For a summary of the configuration features that are supported by each device family, refer to the Configuration Features web page.

The configuration features supported by a configuration scheme may be different for different devices. Refer to the configuration chapter of the respective Altera device in the Configuration Handbook for more information.

Download Cables

Altera offers a wide range of download cables that support FPGA configuration and configuration device programming. During the prototyping stage, Altera download cables allow you to download design changes directly to the device without using configuration devices.

Reference Solutions

Altera provides additional reference solutions to configure Altera FPGAs and to program Altera configuration devices, including the following:

  • Serial Flash Loader
  • Parallel Flash Loader
  • MAX series configuration controller using flash memory
  • MicroBlasterTM software driver
  • JRunner
  • SRunner
  • MorphIO


Altera provides the Configuration Handbook and other configuration-related literature.

Knowledge Database

You can browse the Knowledge Database for common configuration questions and answers. You can further refine the topics shown based on your configuration scheme, configuration I/O, download cables, and more.

Configuration Troubleshooters

You can troubleshoot your configuration issues by following the step-by-step guide in the configuration troubleshooters.