Intel Software: Quartus Prime

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Area: Tools

Last Modified: September 30, 2019
Version Found: v19.3
Bug ID: 1409884367

How can I improve the security of my Intel® Quartus® Prime software installation?


You can improve the security of your Intel® Quartus® Prime installation by following these security recommendations:

• Install the latest tools that support your design.

• During installation, select only the minimum software components that you require.

• Install the latest version of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition software or Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software backwards-compatible components that require connection to network or FPGA hardware device (FPGA Software Download Center, Additional Software tab):

• FLEXlm License Server Software

• Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer and Tools, which includes Quartus Programmer, JTAG utilities, and USB-Blaster Drivers

• Turn off the following optional features that connect to the Internet:

• Check for software updates: Tools menu > Options, Internet Connectivity; Disable options under Startup

• Crash reporter: Tools menu > Options, Internet Connectivity tab, Problem report; Disable Always send report to Intel when internal error occurs (command-line only)

• Talkback: Tools menu > Options, Internet Connectivity, TalkBack Options; Disable Turn on the Quartus®  II software TalkBack feature option if you were using Quartus® II software edition 16.0 and below

• Install and run the Intel Quartus Prime software or Quartus II under unprivileged system accounts (No root/administrator privileges).

• Set your firewall rules to block network connectivity for any of the Quartus II, Intel Quartus Prime, or ModelSim* component:

• Allow traffic only to the FlexLM license server, or use a node-locked fixed license instead of a network floating license.

• Use System Console and related on-chip debug tools in a secure environment by opening ports (assigned when installing the server) only for inter-process communication on local machine.