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Unable to Bring-Up Individual Transceiver Channel


You may not be able to bring up individual transceiver channel for designs that include FIFO-less multiport MAC with PCS and embedded PMA in GIGE mode.


Turn on the Enable SGMII bridge logic parameter in the designs.

Edit the following in altera_tse_multi_mac_pcs_pma_gige.v:

  • Replace .rx_digitalreset with .rx_digitalreset (rx_digitalreset_sqcnr_5) in the altera_tse_gxb_gige_inst the_altera_tse_gxb_gige_inst_5 module.
  • Replace .pll_is_locked with .pll_is_locked(locked_signal_21) in the altera_tse_reset_sequencer altera_tse_reset_sequencer_inst_21 module.
  • Replace .pll_is_locked with .pll_is_locked(locked_signal_22) in the ltera_tse_reset_sequencer altera_tse_reset_sequencer_inst_22 module.

However, this workaround does not work for designs targeting Stratix V and above. This issue will be fixed in a future version of the Triple-Speed Ethernet MegaCore function.