Device Family: Cyclone® IV GX

Type: Answers

Type: Errata

Area: Intellectual Property

Fitter Error for Cyclone IV GX Devices with 1000BASE-X/SGMII PCS Functions


In a design that includes a 1000BASE-X/SGMII PCS function and targets a Cyclone IV GX device, the REFCLK used for the 1000BASE-X/SGMII PCS function do not have access to GCLK network. When you compile the design in the Quartus II software, the Fitter module cannot fit the design and reports an error.

This issue affects all designs that include 1000BASE-X/SGMII PCS functions and target Cyclone IV GX devices.


No workaround.This issue is fixed in version 11.0 of the Triple Speed Ethernet MegaCore function.