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Last Modified: September 11, 2012

Why can't I use my T-guard license file to enable the ModelSim<font size="-1"><sup>&reg;</sup></font>-Altera<font size="-1"><sup>&reg;</sup></font> tool, version 5.5b?


Customers using T-guard based licenses cannot enable the ModelSim-Altera software version 5.5b. This problem does not affect customers using licenses based on their NIC ID or a Host ID license server.

Version 5.5b of the ModelSim-Altera software upgrades certain device drivers, which causes incompatibility. These new device drivers disable the T-guard licensing mechanism. Re-installing the previous version of the ModelSim tool does not resolve the problem.

To enable the software with your T-guard, you must download the mgls.dll file from Altera's web site (http://www.altera.com/products/software/download/dnl-download_dl.html).

Once you download the file, copy it into the /win32aloem directory. This allows you to enable the software with your T-guard license file.

This problem was fixed in the ModelSim software version 5.5e.

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