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Area: Tools

Can I use the Quartus® II autogenerated IP simulation script for Aldec Riviera-PRO with Aldec Active HDL?


Yes, you can use the auto generated simulation scripts for Aldec® Riviera-PRO™  with Aldec Active-HDL™, but some alterations must be made because the Aldec Active-HDL tool references paths from <project>/<src>.


To use the autogenerated simulation script rivierapro_setup.tcl for Aldec Riviera with Aldec Active HDL follow the steps below:

  1. Open <project>\<ip variation name>_sim\aldec\rivierapro_setup.tcl in a text editor
  2. Edit the value of to “./../../../”
    set QSYS_SIMDIR "./../../../"
  3. Launch Aldec Active HDL
  4. Close the current Active HDL workspace
  5. Change directory to <project>\<ip variation name>_sim\aldec
  6. Run the following commands on the Aldec command line:
    do rivierapro_setup.tcl
    run 1us