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Last Modified: February 13, 2006

Why do MAX<SUP><font size="-1">&reg;</font></SUP> 7000A, MAX 7000AE, MAX 7000S, and MAX 9000 device programming times vary depending on whether I use a Master Programming Unit (MPU), PC, or a programmer?


Programming times for MAX 7000A, MAX 7000AE, MAX 7000S, and MAX 9000 devices using different programming hardware may vary, regardless of date/lot codes of the device. Additionally, you may notice slower programming times when using slower programming hardware.

If you are particularly sensitive to variations in programming times, Altera recommends using in-circuit testers and fixed-algotithm devices (these devices have an "F" suffix at the end of the ordering code). When using "F" devices with in-circuit testers, programming times are the same for each device. If you cannot use in-circuit testers and "F" devices, you can use a faster PC to reduce the overall programming time. A faster PC will not eliminate differences in programming times, but it does reduce the overall programming time.

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