Device Family: Arria® V GT, Arria® V GX, Arria® V GZ, Arria® V ST, Arria® V SX, Cyclone® V E, Cyclone® V GT, Cyclone® V GX, Cyclone® V SE, Cyclone® V ST, Cyclone® V SX

Type: Answers

Area: Component, EMIF

IP Product: DDR3 SDRAM Controller Supporting UniPHY

Error (175005): Could not find a location with: OCT_CAL_BLOCK_ID of (value)


This error may occur when compiling a project which contains an LPDDR2 controller and one or more non-associated on-chip termination (OCT) blocks.

The reason is that the output only pins: CA[9:0], CKE, CK, CK_n and CS_n are not associated with a termination control block in the RTL code and they require an assignment to associate them with the termination control block within the LPDDR2 controller.


Add a Termination Control Block assignment to the following output pins from the LPDDR2 controller:

CA, CKE, CK, CK_n, and CS_n

The value of the assignment should be made to the OCT control block within the LPDDR2 controller with the following hierarchy path: <variation name>|altera_mem_if_oct_cyclonev:oct0|sd1a_0

This issue is planned to be fixed in a future release of the Quartus® II software.