Device Family: Cyclone® IV GX

Type: Answers

Area: Intellectual Property

IP Product: Triple Speed Ethernet MAC

Why is reconfig_fromgxb signal from TSE Megacore 17-bit while ALT_RECONFIG Megacore is only 5-bit in Cyclone IV GX Device?


TSE Megacore® declares 17-bit "reconfig_fromgxb" signals base on Stratix® IV GX devices' ALT_RECONFIG Megacore, which has the highest bus length. However, the actual signal width used in TSE is base on ALT_RECONFIG Megacore of the implement devices. In this case, only reconfig_fromgxb[4:0] is used when implemented in Cyclone® IV GX devices.

Below are the lists of "reconfig_fromgxb" signal width used in different devices.

  1. Arria® GX       [0:0]
  2. Arria II GX   [16:0]
  3. HardCopy® IV   [16:0]
  4. Stratix II GX  [0:0]
  5. Stratix IV GX [16:0]
  6. Cyclone IV GX  [4:0]