Device Family: Intel® MAX® 10

Type: Answers

Area: Component

How do I use the Altera PDN Tool to evaluate decoupling requirements for a MAX 10 device?


To evaluate decoupling requirements for a MAX® 10 device you can use the device agnostic version of the Altera® Power Delivery Network (PDN) Tool.

To calculate the target impedance of each MAX 10 device supply, you should use the following transient current and voltage ripple percentages:

MAX 10 Supply Rail Transient Current Voltage Ripple
VCC 50% 5%
VCCIO 100% 5%
VCCA 10% 5%
VCCD_PLL 10% 3%
VCCA_ADC 50% 2%
VCCINT 50% 3%

Setting Ftarget to 70MHz or higher should result in a robust PDN.