Device Family: MAX® II

Type: Answers

Area: Tools

How do I enable the real-time ISP feature in the Quartus® II Programmer or Jam/JBC to allow a MAX® II device to continue to run in-system while new programming data is loaded into the configuration flash memory (CFM)?


In Quartus II, launch the Programmer and set the Programmer options to enable real-time ISP. Once this option is set any action issued to MAX II in the programmer will be issued using real-time ISP.

To change Programmer options:

1. Choose Options (Tools menu).
2. In the Category list, select Programmer.
3. To allow background programming in devices that support real-time ISP, check the Enable real-time ISP to allow background programming Option.
4. Click OK.

For Jam or JBC you must use a -d option in the command line to enable real-time ISP for the actions issued in that same command line. There is a -d option called DO_REAL_TIME_ISP.  Set this to =1 in command line to enable real-time ISP.  An example is shown below:

jam -aprogram -dDO_REAL_TIME_ISP=1 <jam_filename>