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Is there any way to monitor the <CODE>ISP_DONE</CODE> bit? (MAX<SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">&reg;</FONT></SUP>&nbsp;7000AE, MAX&nbsp;7000B, MAX&nbsp;3000A)


The ISP_DONE bit is the last bit programmed during MAX 7000AE, MAX 7000B, or MAX 3000A in-system programming. It is used to protect these devices from damage should programming be interrupted prior to completion. This is done by preventing all I/O pins from driving until programming is completed. As such, this bit is not connected to an external pin.

To see if your MAX device was successfully programmed, you can add a pin to your design that drives out high. Connect this pin to a pull-down resistor on your board. If the pin drives high after programming is complete, then the device is functioning in user mode and has been successfully programmed. If it does not drive high, then the device was not successfully programmed.

If the programming is not successful, the programmer (MAX+PLUS® II, third party tester, or embedded Jam™ player) will give an error.