Type: Answers
Area: Component

Last Modified: August 27, 2013
Version Fixed: v11.1

How can I select the non-registered path for the 'ena' function when using the ALTCLKCTRL megafunction?


Some device families support a non-registered option for the 'ena' port of the ALTCLKCTRL megafunction, consult the respective device handbook for support of this feature.

The ALTCLKCTRL megafunction does not let you select a non-registered mode for the 'ena' port in the drop down menu.  If you wish to use a non-registered mode for the 'ena' port, you can open the megafunction variation file and change the selection manually to "none".

For Verilog, locate the following in the defparam section:

sd1.ena_register_mode = "none"

For VHDL, locate the following in the GENERIC MAP section:

ena_register_mode => "none"


This is fixed in the Quartus II software version 11.1.