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How do I install the Quartus II software version 10.0 from the Windows command line without an Internet connection?


If you are not connected to the Internet, you can install the Quartus® II software version 10.0 from the Windows command line if you have the Quartus II installation executable file (.exe) or the Quartus II software ISO DVD image file on your local computer.

To install the Quartus II software from the command line using the .exe file, perform the following steps:

  1. Extract the installation files to C:\temp by executing the 10.0_quartus_windows.exe file. This executable will create a folder called 10.0_quartus_windows with subfolders called windows_installer, devices, and altera_installer
  2. When the Quartus Installer GUI appears, click Cancel to proceed with command-line installation
  3. Copy the installation files C:\temp\10.0_quartus_windows\windows_installer and C:\temp\10.0_quartus_windows\devices into the folder C:\altera\source_folder
  4. Open the Windows command prompt
  5. Change directories to the folder C:\temp\10.0_quartus_windows\altera_installer\bin
  6. Run the command line
    altera_installer_cmd.exe --full --target C:\altera\test --source C:\altera\source_folder --install quartus

The progress of the installation will be shown at the command prompt.

To do installation from an ISO, please refer to the Related Solution below.