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Can I program the four JTAG pins (TCK, TMS, TDI, and TDO) as I/O pins when programming MAX<font size="-1"><sup>&reg;</sup></font>&nbsp;7000 devices via a third-party socket-based programmer?


Yes. MAX 7000S, MAX 7000A, MAX 7000AE, and MAX 7000B devices allow the user to designate four pins as JTAG pins or user I/O pins. This designation takes place before you compile the design. As a result, the MAX+PLUS® II software generates programming files that specify the pins as either JTAG pins or user I/O pins.

If you use a socket-based programmer, you can use a Programmer Object File (.pof), JamTM File (.jam), or Jam Byte-Code File (.jbc) for programming. The Jam File and JBC File support for programming the dual-purpose JTAG pins as I/O pins is only available with socket-based programmers.