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Why can't I place a DDR3 UniPHY-based controller in quadrant 1 or 2 in a Cyclone V or Arria V SoC device?


If you try to place a DDR3 UniPHY-based controller in quadrant 1 or 2, you will get the following errors.

Error (175020): Illegal constraint of PLL output counter to the region (0, 31) to (0, 81): no valid locations in region
Error (177013): Cannot route from the PLL output counter output to destination dual-regional clock driver because the destination is in the wrong region

UniPHY-based controllers use dual-regional clocks for the pll_afi_clk, pll_addr_cmd_clk and pll_config_clk signals. This is to allow an interface to span an entire side of a device.

Certain quadrants of Cyclone V SoC and Arria V SoC devices do not have dual-regional clocks. 


Placing a DDR3 UniPHY-based controller in quadrant 1 or 2 is possible. You must ensure that in the QSF file the DDR3 controller uses regional clock assignments, instead of dual-regional clock assignments.