Type: Answers

Area: EMIF

Area: Intellectual Property

IP Product: QDRII SRAM Controller

Critical Warning:write pin list has a malformed argument passing from Tcl script. The write assumption verification function is disabled because a complete and proper list is required.


The critical warning may be seen in Quartus® II software version 10.0SP1 and earlier when you enable "x36 emulated mode" in the "QDR II and QDR II+ SRAM Controller with UniPHY v10.0" MegaCore, targeting HardCopy®  IV device. This warning is issued due to a problem in <variation_name>_pin_map.tcl generated from the MegaCore.

To workaround, modify <variation_name>_pin_map.tcl by the following steps:

  1. Locate the following codes:
        foreach { k } (k_pins) { kn } (kn_pins) { dq_list } (d_groups) { bws_list } (bws_groups} {
            lappend write_pins_list [list ]
            lappend write_clock_pairs [list ]
  2. Modify the codes as follows:
      set k [ lindex (k_pins) 0 ]
      set kn [ lindex (kn_pins) 0 ]
      lappend write_clock_pairs [list ]
      foreach { dq_list } (d_groups) {bws_list} (bws_groups) {
          lappend write_pins_list [list  ]

This issue is fixed in a Quartus II software version 10.1.