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Last Modified: August 02, 2011

Why does my license file contain FEATURE and INCREMENT lines with the same product name?


Your Altera® License file contains FEATURE and INCREMENT lines with the same product name but different maintenance dates or version strings if you have multiple floating network licenses supporting different versions of Altera software or IP assigned to a single computer (or triple redundant server group).

FEATURE lines for a product always have the latest maintenance date (support the newer version of the product). INCREMENT lines are for licenses for the same product with older maintenance dates.

<FEATURE / INCREMENT> <product> alterad <maintenance date> permanent <number of seats> ….

<product> is the Altera software or IP product (quartus, maxplus2, ip_base, and so on)
<number of seats> is the number of licenses for the product.

For example:

FEATURE quartus alterad 2010.12 permanent 2 …

INCREMENT quartus alterad 2009.06 permanent 2 …

  • The FEATURE line above supports the Quartus® II software versions released before December 2010 (2010.12)
  • The INCREMENT line above supports the Quartus II software version released before June 2009 (2009.06)

The use of FEATURE and INCREMENT lines allows older and newer Altera licenses to be hosted on a single license server.   


  1. License files should not be manually combined / edited,  the Altera Self Service License Center will issues license files containing FEATURE and INCREMENT lines.
  2. You can only have a single FEATURE line for any product in a license file
  3. The default behavior of a license server is to use licenses from FEATURE lines first. To stop your newer licenses from being used by older versions of the Quartus II software or IP, see the related solution below.
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