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How many times can I reprogram or reconfigure an Altera device?


As stated in the "Device Programming/Erasure" section of the Operating Requirements for Altera Devices Data Sheet (PDF), Altera® guarantees that you can reprogram EEPROM and Flash-based devices at least 100 times. Although Altera reliability data shows that devices can be reliably reprogrammed more than 100 times, Altera's specifications are for 100 programming cycles.

  • The EPC2 and EPC16 configuration devices are Flash-based devices and can be reprogrammed at least 100 times.
  • The EPC1, EPC1441, EPC1213, and EPC1064 configuration devices are one-time programmable.

Altera guarantees you can reprogram windowed EPROM-based devices at least 25 times.

Altera does not specify the number of times you can reprogram or reconfigure FPGA devices because these devices are SRAM-based. An SRAM-based device can be reconfigured as often as a design requires; there is no specific limit.

Additional device reliability information is available in the Altera Reliability Report (PDF).