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Internal Error: Sub-system: FITCC, File: /quartus/fitter/fitcc/fitcc_device.cpp, Line: 133 Failed to load GID info database


You may see this internal error in the Quartus® II software version 11.1 SP2 if your Quartus II installation is incomplete or corrupted.


To work around this problem, uninstall and reinstall the Quartus II software.

Note:  When you reinstall or install the Quartus II software, the Quartus II software base release must be installed including device files,  before you install any Service Pack updates as shown below (.exe for Windows and .sh for Linux):

  1. Install the Quartus II software version 11.1 
    • 11.1_quartus_windows.exe/.sh
  2. Install the Quartus II software version 11.1 device support (install all support files for the devices you need):
    • 11.1_devices_cyclone_max_legacy_windows.exe/.sh
    • 11.1_devices_stratix_hardcopy_windows.exe/.sh
    • 11.1_devices_arria_windows.exe/.sh
  3. Install Service Pack 2 for the Quartus II software version 11.1:
    • 11.1sp2_quartus_windows.exe/.sh