Type: Answers

Area: Embedded

IP Product: Video & Image Processing Suite

Why do I get Error: (vsim-3033) ../<Project_name>.v(55937): Instantiation of '<Name_of_VIP_component> failed. The design unit was not found."?


There is a known issue with the version 9.1sp2 and earlier of the SOPC Builder Simulation code generation tool for VIP components, and you may get the above error for each of the VIP component when you try to run a ModelSim® simulation from the SOPC Builder.

In order to workaround this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Tick the "Simulation" box in SOPC Builder under Generation tab in order to create the simulator files
  2. Generate the SOPC system
  3. Open up the generated .v file on which the error is reported, and manually include all the VIP functional simulation models that are not found.
        e.g  `include "csc.vo"
  4. Click on the "Run Simulator" Button
  5. After ModelSim opens up and initial configuration is done, follow the usual simulation steps.

This issue is fixed in the v10.0 of Quartus® II software.